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Patent Arbitration

You don't have to go to the court
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The battlefield has shifted. We now rely on arbitration protocols provided by Amazon and other online sellers to enforce patents, rather than going through federal district courts.

Platforms like Amazon and Etsy now offer mechanisms to address instances of sellers infringing on existing patents or pending patent applications. We file “takedown” letters on behalf of clients.

Patent arbitration in online platforms like Amazon refers to a dispute resolution process where parties involved in a patent-related disagreement seek a binding decision from a neutral third-party arbitrator. This process is typically faster, more cost-effective, and more confidential than traditional litigation in court.

Online platforms such as Amazon may encounter patent disputes when sellers are accused of infringing upon patents owned by other parties. In such cases, the parties involved can choose arbitration as a method to resolve the dispute without resorting to court litigation. The arbitrator, typically an expert in intellectual property law, will review the evidence, listen to the arguments from both sides, and make a binding decision to resolve the dispute.

Some online platforms may have their own arbitration policies or partner with external arbitration services to provide an efficient and fair resolution to patent disputes between users of their platforms.

Patents were once considered a luxury for online sellers, but they are increasingly becoming a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace.

Online retailers have established protocols that make patents more valuable for sellers, with arbitration being a useful tool to protect their goods. If you need representation in arbitration procedures, Ernest Goodman Law Firm can assist you.

In today’s competitive market, not having a patent can make it quite challenging to remove infringing products from sites like Amazon, Etsy, and Alibaba, which offer products from around the world at wholesale prices. Even Facebook selling platforms are not immune to potential patent infringement. Don’t worry, though – Ernest Goodman Law Firm can handle all these infringement cases without resorting to federal court, ensuring a smoother and more efficient resolution process.

Suppose someone has designed a unique and innovative fishing net; it’s important to ensure that it’s adequately protected. Otherwise, someone else may reproduce the product at a lower cost and sell it online at a cheaper price point. Pursuing litigation against the infringing party may not be worth the investment for the original owner, especially if the violator is located in another country. However, having a patent can serve as a basis for shutting down the infringing website.

In reality, as more and more businesses turn to online sales, the risk of product copying increases. With the ease of access to products online, it has become effortless for anyone around the world to replicate them with just a few clicks. As a result, disabling the infringing party’s online storefront can be an effective way to halt their flow of income and prevent a cheaper competing product from being sold on the internet. This underscores the importance of protecting your products with patents, as the larger the audience, the greater the risk of infringement.

Looking for a reliable and experienced law firm for your patent, trademark, or copyright needs? Look no further than Ernest Goodman Law Firm, where our team of specialized attorneys and consultants can provide top-notch legal services tailored to your unique situation.

Nowadays, virtual marking has become possible on websites to indicate whether a product is patent pending or patented. Additionally, online platforms have started prioritizing patented products by ranking and placing them higher on their search engines. However, it’s important to note that the “patent pending” label doesn’t hold any legal significance despite popular belief. To ensure the best protection for your invention, an issued patent is necessary. The Ernest Goodman Law firm can guide you through the patent prosecution process and help you secure your patent.

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