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In patent law, a search report is a report established by a patent office, which mentions documents which may be taken into consideration in deciding whether the invention to which a patent application relates is patentable. The documents mentioned in the search report usually form part of the prior art.

Patent Search Report

A patent search report is crucial if you are considering seeking patent protection for your invention. This report compiles a list of existing and pending patents that bear similarity or identity to your invention. By reviewing the report, you can gain a deeper understanding of your invention and evaluate whether it fulfills the novelty and non-obviousness criteria necessary for patent eligibility.

We conduct searches at the USPTO Public Search Facility located at their headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. This facility offers state-of-the-art computer workstations that enable automated searching of patents issued from 1790 to the present week. We use patent examiner systems such as the Web-based Examiner Search Tool (WEST) and Examiner Automated Search Tool (EAST), along with the USPTO website and associated applications, to ensure comprehensive search results.

All About Patent Searches

We utilize cutting-edge search tools, including artificial intelligence, to conduct comprehensive patent searches.

• If your invention has already been patented in the U.S. or any other country, you cannot obtain a patent for it.

• The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website provides information exclusively on U.S. issued patents.

• Google Patents is another useful resource for searching U.S. issued patents.

• Before submitting your patent application, make sure to search for both U.S. and international patents.

• A professional can assist you in conducting a patent search and identifying similar patents that could pose issues when submitting a patent application for your invention.

• If your initial patent search yields no results, conduct multiple searches for identical and similar inventions, as it’s unlikely that you should receive ‘no results’ on your searches.

• Discovering similar inventions does not necessarily mean that your invention cannot be patented.

• Modifications or enhancements to a previously patented invention may still be patentable. However, be aware that the USPTO examiner might argue that the modified or enhanced invention does not meet the ‘non-obvious’ requirement.

Requesting Search Reports

• The inventor must request the search report to determine whether their invention is novel and non-obvious.

• The search report should be requested within 21 months of the application filing date; otherwise, the application may be refused.

• The search report will be comprehensive and detailed, identifying published documents related to similar or identical inventions for comparison.

• Upon completion, the examiner will publish the search report for public access.

• If you do not withdraw your patent application after receiving the search report, you will be required to amend your application based on the report’s findings. If you believe that no amendments are necessary, you must submit a statement explaining your rationale.

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